Learning to drive and gaining your licence happens in several stages, here are some links to help you with the process.

From three months before your 17th birthday you can apply for your provisional driving license by visiting the official website.

The Highway Code is a good place to start learning the rules of the road. There is an on-line version here.

You can practice your driving theory test here. You will also need to pass a hazard perception test, read the explanation carefully, listen to the introduction then click on the mock test links, remember there are 5 points to get for each clip !

Once you're confident, you can book your theory test from the website.

Do you know what car you would like when you have your driving licence? Have a look at the Autotrader website for some ideas.

Remember learning to drive is fun and having a driving licence will open many doors for you and give you an unparalleled freedom, so why not start learning now with some professional and fun driving lessons !